Flats in Mangaluru adopt wet waste compost units – ET RealEstate

MANGALURU: Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC) drive to make Mangaluru a waste-free city has evoked good response with more and more apartments setting up their own waste management units on their premises.

After Maurishka Palace on Kadri Kambala Road in the city with 330 flats and many other residential buildings have already set up waste management units, Ashoka Paradise with 278 flats in six blocks started composting the wet waste on site on Sunday.

MCC environment engineer Madhu Manohar told TOI that city corporation’s campaign to encourage houses and apartments to process dry and wet waste has been receiving good response.

“At present, there are 84 apartments that are processing wet waste and producing manure in their own premises. They are not handing over waste to the city corporation’s waste collection vehicles. Totally more than 8,000 houses in the city have been making compost using the wet waste and thereby supporting the city corporation’s initiatives,” he said.

Presently, the city corporation collects an average of 300 tonnes of waste from Mangaluru city every day and it is being shifted to the dump yard at Pachanady, he added.

The city corporation had launched the new waste segregation plan on October 2. As per the new plan, door-to-door waste collection vehicles of Antony Waste Handling Cell are not accepting wet waste on Friday.

Meanwhile, bulk waste generators have been asked to set up waste management units and the city corporation has plans to penalise buildings if they do not adhere to the norms, Madhu said.

G Santhosh Kumar, deputy commissioner of administration, MCC, inaugurated the wet waste process unit set up at the Ashoka Paradise on Sunday.

Environmentalist Jeeth Milan Roche said that Ashoka Paradise with 278 flats in six blocks will composte the wet waste on site.

“Close to 200kgs of waste will be converted into high quality organic manure through the project,” he added.

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Mangaluru civic body moots bigger homes for pourakarmikas in phase II, III – ET RealEstate

MANGALURU: Pourakarmikas aka civic workers, the backbone of city’s cleanliness, will get more space to stretch their tired legs in the ‘G+3’ model quarters to be built under phase two and three at Mahakalipadpu.

With pourakarmikas reluctant to occupy the 32 quarters measuring 303 sqft that Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) built in phase one, the civic body has revised this area to 505 sqft for the flats to be built in the second and third phases.

In an informal chat with TOI on sidelines of Pourakarmika Day celebrations at the Town Hall on Wednesday, commissioner Akshy Sridhar said around 19 out of 32 beneficiaries selected have agreed to occupy the quarters. “Remaining 40% have asked for bigger tenements. These are basically 1-BHK dwelling units. Pourakarmikas find them too small for their families,” he said.

Premanand Shetty, chief whip of the ruling BJP said the average cost per unit is around Rs 7 lakh. The civic body in deciding to increase the dwelling area by an additional 202 sqft will have to shell out Rs 4 lakh more each on the remaining 64 flats. “We will dip into the 24% funds that civic bodies are required to set aside for welfare of SC/STs to meet this amount and give the pourakarmikas dwelling units as desired by them,” he said.

Akshy said MCC will proceed with phase two of the project once the pourakarmikas residing in the building vacate the same. “We are facing issues with few pourakarmikas who have superannuated from services, but are refusing to vacate the flat,” he said, adding MCC is not duty bound to provide them with quarters and will have to reason it out.

Earlier, lauding the role pourakarmikas played in keeping the city clean even at personal cost during the lock down, Akshy said MCC has plans to renovate the existing 12 ward offices. “We are looking to emulate the BBMP model where used containers were converted into mobile rest room cum toilets for pourakarmikas under CSR funding,” he said. If corporates come forward, such converted ward offices can be rolled out in multiple locations.

Paurakarmika leader Anil Kumar exhorted MCC to ensure that the civic workers had health security. The pourakarmikas are not receiving their salary on time and most of them are also not getting their retirement benefits on time, he lamented.

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Karnataka offers sops for co-working spaces and IT companies – ET RealEstate

BENGALURU: In its endeavour to develop a robust IT ecosystem beyond Bengaluru, the Karnataka government has doled out a slew of sops for IT companies, encouraging them to set up shops outside the city, a minister said on Thursday.

“We aim to also strengthen the ecosystem and boost growth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of the state. We project that over 60 lakh plus new jobs will be created in this sector,” said IT, BT, Science and Technology Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan.

As part of the sops, the government will offer financial support to IT hubs and clusters of up to Rs 3 crore outside Zone 3.

Similarly, co-working and plug and play infrastructure players will be eligible for a financial support of Rs 2 crore outside Zone 3.

The minister also announced stamp duty exemption — 75 per cent in Mysuru, Hubballi, Dharwad and Mangaluru, and 100 per cent for all other zones except Zone 3,” he said.

Likewise, the government will also offer quality certification cost reimbursement of up to Rs 6 lakh outside Zone 3, including marketing cost reimbursement of Rs 5 lakh.

Companies outside the zone will also be eligible for provident fund and ESI reimbursement of up to Rs 10 lakh.

As part of the other major initiatives, the government will consider incentives for mega projects above Rs 250 crore on a case by case basis.

Concessional power tariff and continued exemption from the Karnataka Industrial Employment rules and others have been offered to the eligible entities.

The state offered these attractions as part of its new IT policy for the period 2020- 25.

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