Housing societies in Pune struggle with shrinking coffers – ET RealEstate

PUNE: Many housing societies are struggling to meet increased expenses, with limited funds at their disposal.

“There are many members who have not paid society charges since March. They have rented out their properties while living in other cities. We tried to get in touch with them, but in vain. There has been added expenses of purchasing sanitising materials, getting the entire premises santised, but there has been no extra inflow. Our funds are running frightfully low over the course of eight months,” said a member of a multi-wing housing society in NIBM.

“Efficient and intelligent management of funds is key for all housing societies,” said Suhas Patwardhan, chairman, Pune District Cooperative Housing Federation.

“We want to increase the maintenance fee but to get members to agree to it is a major problem. People are budgeting with pay cuts and money flow is low in every household. They don’t want extra expenses. As such, many societies are cutting corners when it comes to proper sanitisation,” said a management committee member of a single-building housing society in Kondhwa.

A member of another housing society in Salunke Vihar, said, “Residents are helping out by making a conscious effort to paying their maintenance fees. But we had to fire one-fourth of our staff since we could not afford salaries.”

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Pune: Residents upset over increased maintenance fee by housing societies – ET RealEstate

PUNE: Several housing societies in the city have decided to hike the maintenance fee and residents are clearly unhappy with the move.

“We have suffered pay cuts and we’re trying to make ends meet in a limited budget. Though the income had reduced, bills have not. From this month, the management committee of our housing society has also increased the maintenance fee by 10%,” says Rupali Naik, resident of NIBM road.

Wanowrie resident Rahul Agarwal said, “I thought that the society is overcharging me but I found out that these are additional costs for sanitation that will be added to the maintenance charge. We don’t know whether it will be for the next few months or more. They have said that it is a temporary increase. In addition, we also have to pay for regular check ups for domestic help and security staff.”

Sumit Patel, a resident of Salunkhe Vihar, said, “Living in a housing society is getting very expensive. This year, the rent has been increased because the flat owner has to pay the extra maintenance charges.”

A member of managing committee of a single-building housing society in Kondhwa said, “We have had a couple of Covid-19 cases in our building. We have to keep up the sanitization standards to ensure residents’ safety. For this, the expenses have risen over the last few months we have been using our funds. Now, since sanitization costs have become a regular expense we have to add it to the maintenance charge.”

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