Gurugram: Illegal construction rampant, residents of DLF-2 and 3 go to DTCP – ET RealEstate

GURUGRAM: Residents of DLF-2 and 3 have approached the department of town and country planning (DTCP) seeking action against rampant illegal construction going on in the area by some plot owners in violation of the building norms.

Sudhir Wahi, a resident of DLF-2, said unauthorised construction being carried out by one of his neighbours, Parveen Gupta, caused damage to his house. DTCP has already recommended the registration of an FIR against Gupta for violating the building norms and causing injuries to another neighbour.

“The force exerted by the commercial digging machines that were used by my neighbour has damaged my underground water tank. The tank has now become unusable as water leaks from it, resulting in seepage in connecting walls,” Wahi said. He added that the beams on Gupta’s ground floor are projecting beyond his boundary and resulted in cracks in Wahi’s wall.

DTCP filed a police complaint and recommended an FIR against Gupta, his architect and structural engineer for violating building norms three days ago after the parapet wall on the terrace of Gupta’s building fell on an adjacent house in September last year, due to which a neighbour sustained injuries.

As per the complaint filed by the department, the parapet wall on the building’s terrace, which was supposed to have a thickness of 9 inches, was only four-inch thick and failed structurally.

During the course of its investigation, the DTCP found that Gupta had procured approval of the building plan through the self-certification scheme. Under this, the owner, along with the architect and the structural engineer, is responsible for carrying out and supervising construction as per norms, and also for ensuring safety.

Wahi said, “While I will follow the process in court, I have written to DTCP and DLF to get the construction stopped immediately at Gupta’s premises. If not stopped, the illegal construction may lead to my house collapsing. Gupta should also be directed to get the damages to my property rectified urgently at his cost,” he said.

Tej Singh Yadav, a resident of DLF-3 has also submitted a complaint to DTCP alleging threats by neighbours. “My parents, who are elderly and have heart disease, are being harassed by some neighbours after they objected to unauthorised construction in the latter’s buildings. One of the neighbours is carrying out unauthorised construction, which is blocking the staircase and poses a risk to the structural integrity of the 30-year-old building in which we live,” said Mili, Yadav’s daughter.

The department has been flooded with many such similar complaints in the two DLF colonies, where unauthorised construction has damaged adjoining buildings or posed threats to the buildings’ structures.

When contacted, district town planner RS Batth said: “We have taken action against such buildings and property owners in DLF areas. I will personally visit the sites and initiate strict action against unauthorised construction. In case of serious violations, the department will file police complaints against the property owners.”

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Gurugram civic body directs builder to repair roads in DLF-1 & 2 and submit report – ET RealEstate

GURUGRAM: The deplorable condition of the roads in DLF-1 and 2 have left the residents a harried lot forcing councillor RS Rathee to write to MCG on August 27 asking them to get the roads repaired immediately.

Following the complaint, MCG on Tuesday directed DLF to start the work and sumbit a compliance report within three days.

When contacted, DLF refused to comment on the issue.

“Internal roads and the roads surrounding markets are in bad shape. The condition worsens during rains since potholes are filled with water. I am residing in this area for 14 years now and have rarely seen authorities resurfacing these roads. DLF comes and only repairs the part of the road which is damaged,” said Suresh Kumar, a resident of DLF-1.

“A number of residents raise this issue every other day. The condition of internal roads in DLF-1 and 2 needs to be looked into and these roads need immediate re-carpeting, which has been pending for a long time now,” said Rathee.

“DLF has not resurfaced our roads in the last 10 years. There are potholes making our commute a roller coaster ride. They just resurface main roads like Ashoka road and Arjun Marg, leaving internal roads in a bad shape,” said Dhruv Bansal, spokesperson of the Qutub Enclave RWA.

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