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NEW DELHI: Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday directed officials to expedite the process of giving flats to slum dwellers under the ‘Jahan Jhuggi Wahin Makan’ scheme of the Delhi government.

The CM held a meeting with minister Satyendar Jain and senior officials from Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) to review the progress of the flats being constructed under the scheme for families living in slums.

Kejriwal also directed the officials to expedite the allocation of flats prepared under the scheme.

The government has kept the scheme, which was part of the party’s poll promise, in the priority list.

It was developed with the vision to give flats to those living in the slums all of which are inhospitable.

The flats will lift the living standard of the slum dwellers.

CM Kejriwal directed the officials that any problems coming in the implementation of the scheme should be brought to his notice so that they can be effectively removed and families can be shifted to their new homes and can lead a life of dignity.

“The Delhi government is committed to giving a life of dignity to families living in slums. It is going to provide flats in different areas of Delhi to the families living in slums under the ‘Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makan’ scheme,” government said in a statement.

Under the scheme, 52,344 flats are being built in the first phase by the DUSIB and Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC).

Construction of 18,084 flats is underway and all of them are nearing completion. 34,260 flats are being built by DSIIDC of which 17,660 flats are ready while 16,600 flats are under construction.

Apart from this, the officials said that 4,833 flats have been allotted to the homeless families living in slums, while the process of allocation of 7,031 flats is underway and will be completed soon.

As many as 89,400 flats are to be built in three phases for the homeless families living in slums under the scheme.

These flats will be built on 237 acres of land in various areas of Delhi.

The Delhi government is building 52,344 flats in the first phase. They are set to be completed and allotted by 2022.

In the second phase, about 18,000 flats are to be built.

The remaining flats are to be built in the third phase on the land that will be vacant after shifting homeless families to the flats built in the first two phases. The target is to complete the three phases by 2025.

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Delhi government to construct 89,400 flats for EWS, slum dwellers by 2025 – ET RealEstate

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government will undertake construction of 89,400 flats for economically weaker sections and slum dwellers by 2025, according to a statement. The decision was taken in a meeting of the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) on Friday and it was attended by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

“We have to provide shelter to every poor in Delhi and the project should be completed within its due time line,” Kejriwal said in the meeting.

Construction of 89,400 flats will be carried out in three phases. In the first phase, 41,400 will be constructed, followed by 18,000 in the second phase and 30,000 in the third phase, the statement said.

It said a detailed rehabilitation and construction plan, including appointment of architect consultants, is being prepared by the government.

The meeting was also attended by Urban Development Minister and DUSIB Vice Chairperson Satyendar Jain, Principal Secretary (Urban Development) Renu Sharma and other senior officers.

“The ‘Jahan Jhuggi Wahin Makaan’ policy is the flagship policy of the Delhi government. We have to ensure that the construction of the EWS (economically weaker section) flats for in-situ rehabilitation of people should be completed in its due time line. This has to be ensured so that we can provide shelter to every poor in Delhi,” the chief minister said.

Out of the 221 acres of land available with the DUSIB, at present 115 acres of land is being considered for construction of EWS houses. The construction project will also be carried out on the vacant land from where people have been shifted from, said DUSIB Member Bipin Rai.

The architect consultants for the project will be appointed in the next two months, he said.

Rai said that the 89,400 houses will be constructed in three phases.

In the first phase, 41,400 houses will be constructed by 2022. In the second phase, 18,000 houses will be constructed and in the third phase, 30,000 EWS houses will be constructed across Delhi, he said.

The houses will be multi-storeyed, and five separate tenders will be floated for each of 8,000 houses, Rai said.

The time frame for the construction of houses in the first phase is 24 months, with a construction cost of Rs 3,312 crores for 41,400 flats, Rs eight lakh per flat, he said.

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