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GURUGRAM: To reduce the number of fraud cases in property purchases, the Haryana government has decided that all records of the housing cooperative societies in the state will be taken online.

The cooperation department has appealed to the members of the registered housing societies to submit their data for verification by the office of the assistant registrar of cooperative societies.

On Wednesday, the additional chief secretary (cooperation department) Sanjeev Kaushal has directed all the registrars in the district and management committees of the housing societies to upload the data on the web portal and finish the verification process at the earliest. The department has argued that it will also help in bringing transparency in the functioning of the societies and help fix accountability.

As per the orders, the members of the cooperative group housing societies will submit their data, including names, ownership documents, photographs, conveyance deeds, to the management committee, which in turn will forward it to the office of assistant registrar of cooperative societies. Thereafter, the data will be uploaded on the portal and a verification process will be initiated by the department.

In December last year, the department had issued a similar circular and this is the third such direction in the past two years.

β€œThe process is very simple and hassle-free and in case people face any issues, they can approach the office of the assistant registrar,” said an official. There are 302 group housing and house building societies in the district and data of over 220 societies have already been uploaded online.

β€œSo far, we have uploaded the data of around 221 societies on the portal. They have been verified and data has been frozen,” said deputy registrar of cooperative societies Satish Rohila, who is in charge of overseeing the exercise in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal, Rewari, and Nuh.

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Haryana directs registered housing societies to upload records on website – ET RealEstate

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CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government has directed all cooperative societies registered in the state to upload their records on a web portal to ensure transparency in operations and facilitate common people, an official said on Friday. Strict action will be taken against the societies which fail to comply with the directions, additional chief secretary, cooperation department, Sanjeev Kaushal said.

The process of uploading data of all cooperative group housing societies and cooperative house building societies, which number around 1,200, is underway, he said.

Data of about 400 such societies has already been uploaded on rcsharyana.gov.in, he added.

According to Kaushal, the availability of data online would not only bring more transparency in operations, but would also help in resolving disputes.

It would also facilitate common people wanting to buy or rent a plot or flat in these societies as they would be able to access all basic details about the societies through the portal.

Kaushal said that under the Haryana Cooperative Societies Act, 1984, action would be taken against the office-bearers of the Managing Committees of those societies, which fail to upload their data within the given time.

The department would also stop providing any service to such societies, he added.

There are a total of 18,200 cooperative societies registered in the state, of which 10,500 are functional, the statement said.

These include Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS), Cooperative Labour and Constructions Societies, Cooperative Group Housing Societies, Cooperative House Building Societies and Cooperative Transport Societies.

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