Chandigarh housing board finalises design for luxury housing scheme – ET RealEstate

CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has finally submitted a detailed concept design for the costliest housing scheme for the bureaucrats and MLAs of Punjab, Haryana and doctors of the PGI.

The housing scheme will come up at the Chandigarh IT Park. The report has been submitted to the urban planning department of the Chandigarh administration for approval.

Now, the technical experts of the urban planning department will minutely study the submitted design, keeping the architectural parameters and guidelines in mind.

According to information, the concept design of the project carries dedicated earmarked green areas, two parking space for vehicles against each flats in towers, height and width of the project, flats, circulation areas, floor area ratio (FAR), density, balcony, basements and all other related services and facilities.

“We have submitted the design to the urban planning department of the UT. Since the environment-friendly nature of this project is one of the most crucial components, the green areas in the project will remain in focus,” said an official.

Sources revealed that the cost of each tower, consisting around 28 flats, is approximately Rs 60 crore, five towers are offered to the Punjab government for its bureaucrats and MLAs, Haryana has already demanded for three towers and PGI has asked for two towers for doctors.

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Chandigarh housing board sets up five sites for inspection of residential units – ET RealEstate

CHANDIGARH: Leaving no stone unturned to ensure successful auction of residential freehold properties, the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has set-up five site offices to facilitate inspection of residential units by bidders.

These offices are one each at sectors 38 west, 49, 51, and two site offices at Sector 63. The CHB has fixed all Saturdays of April (April 3, 10, 17 and 24) for inspection of units between10 am and 5 pm. In the first phase, the CHB has decided to put up 109 built-up residential units on freehold basis on sale through e-tender.

The e-tendering process will start on April 1 and the bids can be submitted up to 2 pm on April 30. The bids will be opened from 3 pm onwards the same day. The CHB has prepared a list of 270 properties, including 11 residential (leasehold), 109 residential (freehold) and 150 commercial (leasehold), for sale. The remaining properties will be put up for sale at later stages.

To get a good response, the CHB has reduced the reserve price of the properties by 10 per cent. Not even a single bidder expressed interest in the auction of the

CHB properties held in 2019 as the reserve price was too high for both residential as well as commercial properties.

This time, the CHB has decided to replace the e-auction process of selling properties with the e-tender process. In e-auction, the earnest money deposit (EMD) for participation cannot be paid online. The bidder deposits the same in the CHB account and submits a proof. The payment is confirmed by the CHB officers before allowing the bidder to participate in the eauction process. Hence, number of bidders for particular property and their identity is not fully confidential.

However, in e-tender, EMD can be paid online and there is no need for any approval and hence, there is complete secrecy about the number of bidders and their identity.

In e-auction, the prospective bidders are required to register themselves within a particular period. They can participate in the e-auction process after their registration is approved by the CHB officials. Once the prescribed period is over and approval is given by the CHB officials, the eauction takes place among the approved bidders only and there cannot be any new entrant in the e-auction.

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Chandigarh housing board to auction 110 residential freehold properties soon – ET RealEstate

CHANDIGARH: As the board of directors of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) approved auction of 270 properties, the officials have decided to first auction 110 residential (freehold) properties.

The board officials have started the process of auction of 110 residential properties. After completing the process of auction of 110 residential (freehold) properties, the board will start the auction process of 150 commercial (leasehold) and 11 residential (leasehold) properties next month.

The properties will be auctioned through e-tendering only, said an official. The CHB had recently reduced reserved price of these properties by 10 per cent to 20 per cent. The CHB’s proposal was also approved by the Chandigarh administration recently.

The reserve price was reduced by 10 per cent to 20 per cent after witnessing poor response to CHB’s attempt to auction properties last year. These 270 properties are in sectors 51, 63, 38 (west), 39, and Manimajra. Among the properties, 51 new flats, which were a part of the CHB’s costliest housing scheme in the city till now, will also be put up for auction.

Besides, the commercial properties are also located in Manimajra, sectors 51, 61 and Maloya.

A senior board official said these properties were lying vacant from last many years and their condition was deteriorating as well. As CHB failed to auction these properties over the years, the decision was taken to auction these properties in a phased manner.

After registration with the CHB, interested people will have 10 to 15 days’ time to place their bid for the auction.

For auction of the properties, the board has fixed the reserve price of HIG flat (leasehold) in Sector 39 at Rs 1.05 crore. Similarly, the reserve price of a three-bedroom flat (freehold) in Sector 63 has been fixed at Rs 86.24 lakh, two-bedroom flat in Sector 51 has been fixed between Rs 81 lakh and Rs 84 lakh.

The reserve price of one-bedroom flat has been fixed at Rs 39.38 lakh and EWS flat at Rs 24.35 lakh in Sector 49. Similarly, the reserve price of a two-bedroom flat in Sector 49 has been fixed between Rs 69.87 lakh and Rs 71.26 lakh, keeping in view the location of the flat.

The reserve price of a two-bedroom flat in Sector 63 has been fixed at 67.30 lakh. The reserve price of an HIG flat (leasehold) in Sector 45-A has been fixed at Rs 1.07 crore. Similarly, the reserve price of restaurant site in Manimajra is Rs 2.59 crore. The reserve price of a small booth (corner) has been fixed at Rs 97 lakh.

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Regularise need-based changes by December 31: Chandigarh housing board – ET RealEstate

CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) on Monday approved the extension of deadline for regularisation of need-based changes to December 31.

The decision was taken in the board of directors meeting held under the chairmanship of UT adviser Manoj Parida, who is also holding the charge of CHB chairman.

Recently, the CHB had proposed to extend the deadline after it expired on December 31, 2020. The proposal went to the administration for approval, but the authority had asked the CHB to decide. The CHB officials then placed the agenda in Monday’s meeting.

Parida said, “The penalty scheme to allow additional time to remove, rectify and regularise the building violations which had expired on December 31, 2020, is now extended up to December 31, subject to payment of applicable charges.”

The CHB has already ruled that the changes carried out in the flats by the allottees, which do not meet the criteria fixed by the administration in their notification of need-based changes, will still be termed as violations. The board had asked allottees to apply for regularisation after paying some charges.

In 2019, the administration had decided not to provide a one-time amnesty solution for large scale violations by CHB allottees in flats. The administration and the CHB had already termed these need-based changes as violations.
Regularise need-based changes by December 31: Chandigarh housing boardUT administrator V P Singh Badnore earlier had decided to extend the deadline which had ended on December 31, 2018, to December 31, 2020.

The administration has also clarified that additional constructions in the dwelling units of CHB flats are given temporary exemption from immediate demolition, subject to payment of penal charges.

Over the years, residents of 50,000 CHB flats have made need-based changes. However, the administration had not regularised these changes and had issued notices to most of the allottees, who are demanding their regularisation.

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