Sweden help India in building climate neutral Smart City

Mar 04, 2020 , 12:28 pm | Post by M3M

Swedish companies to help build India’s first Climate-neutral smart city in Gurugram.

M3M, a development company based in Gurugram signed a contract with the Swedish company during the visit of the royal family of Sweden to India for the development of a 165-acre smart project incurring a foreign investment of about $2 billion.smart city in gurugram/ gurgaon

Sweden help India in building climate neutral Smart City

The head of International Business and Strategy, Will Sibia indicated that Sweco AB will be concentrating on inclusive growth, circular economy, and climate resilience. It will also be concentrating on the conservation and reusability of water as well as 100% waste recycling.

Sweco AB is a Multinational, European consulting firm involved in architecture, construction and environmental engineering.

M3M Group Director Pawan Bansal said, “With this being a commercial and a residential project, it would be a mixed-use project and it is in line with the Paris agreement and the United Nations sustainability goals.”

The smart city should take 7-10 years to complete and would look for foreign investments for a variety of services.

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Will Sibia stated that they would perform as system integrators with reference to both finance and technology. They would employ the best in technology, class knowledge, and global performance to develop an eco-governance structure that will develop the first carbon-neutral city in India.

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