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PUNE: Nearly 200 applications for deemed conveyance have been submitted by registered cooperative housing societies in Pune city in January when the month-long awareness drive was on, commissioner of cooperation and registrar of cooperative societies Anil Kawade said.

The commissioner reiterated that more societies should continue reaching out to the department with their applications. Last year, in the entire 12 months, only 187 applications were received.

“The one-month drive has elicited a positive response and we would encourage housing societies to approach and carry out the process for seeking deemed conveyance,” Kawade said.

There are 18,000 registered cooperative housing societies in the city and 1.10 lakh in the state. There are a total of 574 applications that came about in the last month in the state. While only 14,376 cooperative housing societies had deemed conveyance over 70,000 societies were yet to get the deemed conveyance.

Housing society members from various societies in Pune told TOI that it is mandatory for the builder to transfer the land and the building to the society within four months on the completion of the project.

“Ideally, the builder should be taken to task for failure to do so, but here, we have the flat owners who are put in the dock. There are provisions in MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act) to imprison the builder and that should ideally be applied,” activist Vijay Sagar said, adding that there should be a hearing.

Meanwhile, members from housing societies said the process should be further simplified to ensure more societies get conveyance or deemed conveyance.

President of Pune district cooperative federation Suhas Patwardhan said with such a large number of societies not coming forwrad to get the deemed conveyance, the cooperation department should continue calling for applications and ensure that maximum societies get their deemed conveyance.

“They have just started the process and they should encourage it by keeping the drive on for the entire year till all societies get their conveyance deeds. They should simplify the process,” he added.

Patwardhan said they are planning to hold a webinar to educate members about housing society elections.

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