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JAIPUR: Even as Rajasthan had recently topped among all states in its performance under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Grameen (PMAY-G), the allocation of funds by the centre tells a different story.

Amid a tussle between state and the centre over delay in release of funds amounting to Rs 682.07 crore (for financial year 2020-21), pending since December last year, has resulted in non-payment of second and third installment of 76,764 beneficiaries under the scheme, inducing a total liability of Rs 425.27 crore.

The state’s chief secretary Niranjan Arya had written a letter to the centre last month (May) urging release of its share of Rs 682.07 crore for building houses, sanctioned in the year 2020-21, under PMAY-G.

According to data shared by the state’s rural development department, of the 13.36 lakh sanctioned houses, construction of 11.44 lakh houses have already been completed (from 2016-17 to date). In 2020-21, of the 2.03 sanctioned houses, construction of 90,834 (44.73%) were completed.

“There is hardly any progress in work under PMAY-G as we are yet receive funds from the centre, pending since December last year (2021). The centre is not releasing the amount as the record shows that while the state government has released Rs1,027 crore to the treasury (PD account), the amount has not been transferred to the state nodal account (money is transferred to the beneficiaries from this account),” said a senior official. “However, the state’s cash-strapped treasury has to distribute funds, depending on its availability, for running the schemes under all departments and other purposes.”

“Because the money has not been transferred to the state nodal account, the centre doesn’t consider it released (to the beneficiaries). Hence, there is a delay in release of funds by the centre since December last year. Due to this delay, nearly 77,000 beneficiaries under the scheme are suffering,” the official added.

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