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NOIDA: The Noida Authority has formed a committee to suggest a roadmap for the six sports cities planned across sectors 78, 79, 101, 150 and 152, a move that will halt the process of selling and buying flats in these areas.

The authority has said no occupation certificates would be issued till all facilities and amenities are developed in the complexes.

Without an occupation certificate, a developer will not be able to execute a lease deed and no registry of property can take place without that.The panel has been formed under the leadership of the additional chief executive officer of the authority, with the in-charge of planning, legal and finance departments as the members.

To develop the sports city, the Noida Authority had offered huge plots to different consortiums. Six sports cities were to be developed (two were planned in Sector 150) over 500 acres.

The plan was to reserve 70% of the area for sports and recreational activities. But over the years, the consortiums kept sub-leasing the land to private developers and got approval for amended plans that paved way for the development of group housing projects. But the sports facilities, which included a nine-hole golf course, lawn tennis court and football and swimming academies, never came up.

The chief executive officer of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari said: “No further sub-leasing of land and no occupation certificates would be allowed or processed till the required conditions are met.”

More than 50,000 flats planned in the five sectors could get affected. The Comptroller and Auditor General had pointed out many irregularities and anomalies during the land allocation process in these areas. Sources said the committee that has been formed will ascertain the estimated loss of revenues due to the anomalies and suggest ways of recovering the amount.

Many buyers said they were unaware of the sport city project. “We have paid the required amount to the developer and now, we feel cheated since we are unable to get the registry done,” said Vishal Singh, who stays in Sector 79’s Gaur Sportswood.

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