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MUMBAI: Residents of Rajawadi area and Cama Lane in Ghatkopar will hold a protest at the naval stores depot at Ghatkopar West on Sunday morning, which has put height restrictions on the new projects.

Naresh Palande, a resident of Ghatkopar East, said, “I am told that more than 177 redevelopment projects are stuck. In our building, the builder has completed 12 storeys, and the navy has suddenly issued a ‘stop work’ notice.’’

Another resident said, “This depot at Ghatkopar West stores has only spares and does not have arms and ammunitions. Yet the navy has imposed height restrictions. Some years back, a 12-storey building had come right in front of the depot and gives clear view of the depot, why stop new constructions.”

S Shah, a resident of Ghatkopar West, said, “We are all living here in our homes since ages and now the condition of our building is not good. The only solution here is redevelopment. But we are not allowed to construct our own homes because of the naval NOC issue, which we all know is not right. We have been suffering due to this rule for the past five years, but no one has helped us.”

Local BJP leader Pravin Chheda said, “Our MPs Gopal Shetty and Manoj Kotak are pursuing this matter and will get this resolved soon. The Navy does not store any sensitive material that needs high security at Ghatkopar West depot.’’ The naval spokesperson did not comment on the issue.

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