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MUMBAI: The 624 tenants of BMC colony at Vikhroli Parksite were officially informed on Saturday evening they would get a 405 sq ft ownership flat. This is the first redevelopment of an old and dilapidated building in the suburb under section 33(7)(A) of Development Control Regulations.

It will ensure that the BMC gets 3,000 flats for project-affected persons (PAPs).

Till now redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings was restricted to the island city. Of 432 old and dilapidated buildings identified as dangerous by BMC, most are in the suburbs. Resolution of the issue comes nearly a decade after residents sought redevelopment of the decrepit buildings. The colony comprises 28 buildings spread over 16 acres.

BJP MP Manoj Kotak took the lead in sorting out the issue. “When the residents approached me I took up the matter and worked on a solution. BMC will appoint a contractor to carry out construction. BMC benefits as otherwise the PAP component would have become sale component benefiting the developer,” he said. PAP tenements will be used to rehabilitate those living on nullahs, those affected by Metro rail, road-widening and other infrastructure projects.

Rajesh Gala, a resident of the colony, said it was a huge relief as their buildings are in very bad condition. “For 10 years, we were pursuing the matter with elected representatives. Six months back we met Kotak, who resolved the issue,” he said.

Deputy municipal commissioner Ramesh Pawar said BMC has constructed a transit camp on open space in the colony. “The proposal needs the standing committee’s approval. We will move residents in phases into transit buildings and once few buildings are ready, we will shift them to their new homes,” he said. This also takes care of rent.

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