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GURUGRAM: Lack of sewage treatment plants (STPs) in BPTP Astaire Gardens in Sector 70A has left residents facing severe hygiene issues. They alleged that the developer has not built a centralised STP as promised but instead installed an STP with a capacity of 100 KLD for C-2 block in October last year.

The residents argue that it only caters to 200 households of the colony, while the rest have to rely on makeshift arrangement for the sewage disposal. This, they claim, have serious implications for the environment.

The untreated water is being collected by the private tractors on the regular basis and dumped at nearby places. Several complaints have been made to the authorities concerned but nothing has been done so far, say residents.

Debojit Hore, RWA general secretary, said, โ€œThere are about 530 families living in blocks B, C-1, C-2, D, and E. The builder is supposed to provide the centralised STP with a capacity of 1 MLD by now. For the past four years, the developer has done nothing but given us false assurance. At present, tractors come to our society two times a day and pump out the sewage waste and dispose of it wherever they find vacant space. It is very difficult to live here because of unhygienic conditions that pose health issues. We are continuously exposed to hazardous gases.โ€

Moreover, the facility management is not monitoring the parameters of STP operation regularly and as a result treated water is not in the permissible limit, residents say.

Rajeev Gupta, MD of Business Park Maintenance Service (BPMS) Pvt Ltd, said, โ€œWe have installed the STP according to the dependency of the occupancy. Further expansion of STPs is in process and would be operational soon. The STP would not run without a specific load, which is why we have made a temporary provision through which private tankers take out sewage waste to the designated STPs.โ€

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