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NOIDA: Going smoothly so far, the land acquisition process in the Jewar Bangar village to relocate over 3,600 people directly affected by the Jewar international airport project has now hit a roadblock, with 164 of the 224 plot owners raising objections.

While four of them have been dubbed as genuine concerns pertaining to incorrect entry of birth record, value of assets such as borewell or boundary wall, the remaining are over the rate of compensation being awarded. Instead of Rs 2,680 for a sqm, these land owners are demanding a minimum of Rs 3,180 a sqm, citing the additional Rs 500 per sqm being given to the residents of six villages affected by the airport project.

The development of a township over some 48 hectares in Jewar Bangar is the last task for the district administration in order to rehabilitate the 3,627 families affected by the airport project. In the absence of any resistance, the administration had declared the process of handing over award to the landholders on August 21 under the land acquisition act. Some 224 title holders were identified for compensation in lieu of land.

But now 164 of them have raised objections. The logic behind this demand is proximity to the 48.1-hectare land in Jewar Bangar to the urbanised Azad Chowk, the sub-division’s commercial hub.

Sarpanch of Gopalgarh village, Yogesh Talan, said,

“The circle rate of Jewar Bangar area was last revised in 2013-14. Moreover, the prevailing market rates hover close to Rs 20,000 for a sqmt in Azad Chowk. Also we are entitled to additional compensation of at least Rs 500 per sqm. We will launch an agitation if the administration does not increase the amount by at least Rs 500 a sqm.”

“The government can only take a call on the additional Rs 500 per sqm. We have offered them the highest rate as per the norms,” additional DM (land acquisition) Balram Singh said.

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