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JAIPUR: Following urban development and housing (UDH) minister Shanti Dhariwal’s directions, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has started physical inspection of plots which were given at concessional rates.

To ensure that land allotted at concessional rate was not being misused for other purposes, the state government is verifying its usage. Zone commissioner Hridesh Kumar has directed all his counterparts to submit a report after inspecting the sites.

An official source said, “To prevent any irregularities, the commissioners have been asked to submit a written report if they believe that allottee is not misusing the land. Action will be taken against the official if a wrong report is produced.”

In the past 38 years, the JDA has allotted land at concessional rate to 299 organisations for various purposes. A recent report compiled by the civic body has data of land allotment since 1982. As per the records, 30 land allotments were done free of cost, out of which majority were government departments. In all, 10 organisations were allotted land on Re 1 token money.

In the last seven years, no land allotment has been made by the JDA. In 2013, the authority allotted land to 13 institutes, including religious groups and government. “The proposal to allot land after 2013 are pending at the state government. After the change in regime in 2013, the then BJP government introduced land allotment policy in 2015. No major land allotment at concessional rates were done after that period,” said a senior officer at the JDA.

The exercise has been conducted as the department received several complaints that many institutes were using the land for commercial purposes. “Many have rented out the place which is against norms. Action will be taken against such institutes after examining the details,” said a source.

Officials claimed many private hospitals which are beneficiaries of concessional land have failed to abide by the terms and conditions of providing free medication to 25% patients from below poverty line (BPL) category. =

“As per a mandatory provision, private hospitals, which have been allotted land at concessional rates, have to provide free medication to 25% BPL patients. Similarly, 10% beds should be reserved for the poor. However, majority of hospitals have failed to fulfil the terms and conditions. The issue was also raised in the state assembly when the Congress was in opposition,” an official said.

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