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GURUGRAM: In a major relief to residents of New Gurgaon, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is constructing sector-dividing roads in 20 sectors. A budget of Rs 99 crore has been allocated to build approximately 16km of roads in these sectors by July this year.

A senior GMDA official told TOI that work has already started and is more than 50% complete at some places. “The roads dividing sectors 71/73 and 72/72A are already being built and 65% of the work has been completed,” said the official. He added that they hope to finish this section by May-end.

Similarly, work on the sector 68/69 dividing road is almost 75% complete and is likely to be completed within this month. “The road dividing sectors 73/74 is almost 65% complete and we hope it will be ready by June as well,” said the official.

Work on other roads under the project, however, is less than 50% complete. For instance, work in sectors 77, 78/79A and 78/79 is only 27% complete so far. Once completed, the roads will improve connectivity between these sectors. Work on the roads dividing sectors 88B/89B and 88A/89A is only 25% done and officials are hoping to complete work by June. “The road dividing sectors 73/74 is almost 65% complete and we hope this will be ready by June as well,” said the official.

The construction of these roads will benefit more than 50,000 commuters in New Gurgaon. “The lack of sector roads was causing huge inconvenience for residents. Once the work is completed, it will be easier for them to commute,” the official added.

Along with roads, the GMDA also plans to build stormwater and sewage drains. The supply of piped water in some of these sectors is pending as roads have not been laid yet in these areas. Without roads, GMDA has not been able to lay down pipelines either.

The absence of proper roads in new sectors has long been a cause of inconvenience for the residents. Even as GMDA is now taking up the responsibility of sector roads, internal roads remain unattended as there is no single authority responsible for their development and maintenance in these areas.

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