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MANGALURU: Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC) drive to make Mangaluru a waste-free city has evoked good response with more and more apartments setting up their own waste management units on their premises.

After Maurishka Palace on Kadri Kambala Road in the city with 330 flats and many other residential buildings have already set up waste management units, Ashoka Paradise with 278 flats in six blocks started composting the wet waste on site on Sunday.

MCC environment engineer Madhu Manohar told TOI that city corporation’s campaign to encourage houses and apartments to process dry and wet waste has been receiving good response.

“At present, there are 84 apartments that are processing wet waste and producing manure in their own premises. They are not handing over waste to the city corporation’s waste collection vehicles. Totally more than 8,000 houses in the city have been making compost using the wet waste and thereby supporting the city corporation’s initiatives,” he said.

Presently, the city corporation collects an average of 300 tonnes of waste from Mangaluru city every day and it is being shifted to the dump yard at Pachanady, he added.

The city corporation had launched the new waste segregation plan on October 2. As per the new plan, door-to-door waste collection vehicles of Antony Waste Handling Cell are not accepting wet waste on Friday.

Meanwhile, bulk waste generators have been asked to set up waste management units and the city corporation has plans to penalise buildings if they do not adhere to the norms, Madhu said.

G Santhosh Kumar, deputy commissioner of administration, MCC, inaugurated the wet waste process unit set up at the Ashoka Paradise on Sunday.

Environmentalist Jeeth Milan Roche said that Ashoka Paradise with 278 flats in six blocks will composte the wet waste on site.

“Close to 200kgs of waste will be converted into high quality organic manure through the project,” he added.

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