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KOCHI: Individual flat owners who fail to obtain the annual financial reports from apartment owners’ associations can get them from the registration department.

It is mandatory for the associations to file annual financial reports and the details of their office bearers with the registration department, all of which can be obtained through RTI.

Officials with the office of the district registrar confirmed that they have been receiving several queries from flat owners because of associations’ unwillingness to provide the financial statements and matters related to changes made to the existing building.

A senior official with the office of Ernakulam district registrar said: “These documents seldom undergo detailed scrutiny. We check whether apartment owners’ associations file the mandatory documents with the department.

“We hardly check the veracity of these statements. It is the duty of the members of these associations to verify the finer details,” he said.

The officer said that the time for filing these reports is specified in the bylaws of individual apartment owners’ associations though the timeframe varies for each association.

The registrar’s office stated that they do not have the powers to get involved in internal disputes between the members and owners’ associations.

The registrar’s office informed that flat owners will have to approach local bodies, police, or courts to settle the matter.

The department also does not involve in matters related to making structural changes or illegal constructions, the office said.

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