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NEW DELHI: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has launched a special drive across its construction sites to ensure that all pollution control measures are being stringently implemented, officials said on Sunday. As part of the drive, the frequency of the inspections done to check the adherence to the pollution control measures has been enhanced, the DMRC said in a statement.

“Teams headed by senior officials from the environment department of DMRC are visiting all the sites and minutely checking the arrangements done in this regard and the drive is being monitored by DMRC’s Managing Director,” it said.

The teams are checking whether continuous dust or wind breaking barricades, at least 6 m high, around the batching plants are installed or not and if conveyor belts within the batching plants are fully covered to prevent escape of dust, officials said.

Similarly, checking of wheel washing facilities at the exit gates to prevent deposition of soil or muck on public road, where there is regular movement of vehicles is being done.

The drive is also monitoring if all construction materials and debris are being transported in covered vehicles, the Delhi Metro said.

They are also monitoring the use of nozzle-based mist systems in addition to sprinkling to control dust emission from the construction sites.

The process of spraying of water to suppress dust, during handling of excavation soil or debris or during demolition or specific dust generating activities is being checked. The inspection teams are reiterating that water sprinkling and dust control activities are to be continued even during work stoppages, the statement said.

In addition, the teams will ensure that construction activities continue to be carried out only within barricaded areas. In the case the construction work is located near residential or commercial properties, height of barricade is to be increased to 10 m or one-third height of the building whichever is less and the same is being ensured by the DMRC, officials said.

“Designated storage space for construction and demolition (C&D) waste and quick disposal of C&D waste to designated recycling plant is also being checked. Whether dust masks for construction workers have been provided is also being verified,” it said.

While these measures are implemented at the sites round the year, this drive is being organised to reinforce the importance of following the pollution control norms, especially in light of the continuous deterioration of air quality around the NCR currently, the statement said.

In the present scenario, when pollution levels are high, DMRC is concentrating on undertaking activities which are non-polluting in nature such as staging, shuttering, de-shuttering activities, underground works, electrical works, wiring, signalling works among others, it said.

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