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BY: Piyush Sarna

CHANDIGARH: For need-based changes to the Modern Housing Complex (MHC) flats, officials of the Manimajra resident welfare association (RWA) met Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) chairman A K Sinha recently.

The team claimed that even though the CHB’s mission was to provide people with affordable accommodation and keep minimum profit, still it had been charging them an exorbitant fee for anything and everything, including even need-based changes.

The RWA wrote to the CHB that the residents of sector 45-A and 39-B were allowed to use the garage top as terrace under certain conditions. Manimajra RWA president Colonel Gursewak Singh: “Residents of the MHC seek similar relaxations.”

The association said the CHB disallowed ground-floor residents to maintain lawns or short hedges in their adjoining space on the plea that it was government land. Col Gursewak Singh said: “However, it is the block’s common land and the CHB should have no objection if the allottees maintain this space with the consent of the block management committee for beautification and privacy.

A small door from the balcony to this space is an absolute necessity.” RWA general secretary S A Qureshi said: “Most of these issues would not have risen if the board had consulted the RWAs in the planning stage. We request the board chairman to visit the site to see ground reality.”

In the early 1990s, when the MHC flats were constructed, a straight iron ladder was provided through a small opening for access to the rooftop, but this arrangement was hazardous for the elderly.

Col Gursewak Singh said: “Residents need to check rooftop water tanks from time to time, but because of the design of these flats, it means risking either life or a limb. Enlarging the rooftop access is a dire necessity.”

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