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GURUGRAM: Four newly constructed floors of a residential building in Sushant Lok 1 were sealed on Wednesday by the enforcement team of the department of town and country planning for violation of building norms.

The house owner had constructed bathrooms in the balcony area, which is a violation of the norms. The move triggered panic among those who had bought the floors recently.

Even after procuring an occupation certificate from DTCP, the house owner continued with construction at the building. A neighbour had objected to the illegal construction and moved court against the house owner.

District town planner (enforcement) RS Batth said a complaint had been received about illegal construction in plot number C-644 of Sushant Lok 1. โ€œThe owner had constructed bathrooms in the balconies of the floors in violation of the sanctioned plan,โ€ he said.

In another case, a house suffered damaged during construction in an adjoining building in Sushant Lok 2. DTCP carried out an inspection to ascertain the damages after a complaint was forwarded from the CM window..

Batth said, โ€œWe visited A-214 in Sushant Lok 3 along with engineers. The issue of a common wall and damage to the house by new construction going on in adjacent plot was raised on the CMโ€™s window. It was taken up in the last grievance meeting. After that, the chief minister issued directions to DTP to visit and ascertain the damages by a qualified structural engineer.โ€

In compliance of the directions and to address the grievances, the enforcement team visited the site and action will be taken based on the report, he said.

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